Recipe Ideas

Clementine and tahini dressing in a jar with a spoon

10 Delicious Homemade Salad Dressings to Elevate Your Greens

chocolate mousse in ramekins on a white plate with gold spoons

10 Chocolate Recipes to Celebrate World Chocolate Day

picnic basket on a blanket with picnic food

The Best Picnic Food Recipes

blueberry croissants on a white plate

Sun-Kissed Summer Recipes: Savouring the Season's Flavours

Asparagus spears on a wooden chopping board

 How To Cook Asparagus

miso braised leeks on a bed of noodles

How To Cook Leeks 6 Different Ways

Asparagus risotto in a white bowl

Top 12 Springtime Recipes, Perfect For All Occasions

tomato akuri with scrambled tofu on a white plate

12 High Iron Vegetarian Recipes

Cinco de mayo courgette tacos

9 Vegetarian Mexican Recipes That Are Perfect For Cinco De Mayo

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10 Quick And Easy Dessert Ideas

cauliflower on a baking tray

How To Cook Cauliflower 8 Different Ways

hot cross buns on a white plate

9 Of The Best Vegetarian Easter Recipes

leeks, carrots and spring onions

What’s In Season In March In The UK

broccoli heads on a white plate

How To Cook Broccoli 8 Different Ways

spinach Mac and cheese

12 High Calcium Vegetarian Recipe Ideas

fennel and walnut bolognese on a white plate

12 Best High Protein Vegetarian Meals

vegan pancakes topped with strawberries and maple syrup

16 Pancake Recipes You Have To Try This Pancake Day

homemade chips in an air fryer

10 Super Easy Vegetarian Air Fryer Recipes

Choi Sum Tofu Bibimbap Bowl with chopsticks to the side

Top 14 Tofu Recipes This Veganuary

kiwi pancakes on a white plate

10 Veganuary Recipes You Have To Try

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Jingle All The Waste

lentil shepherd's pie

8 Satisfying Vegetarian Dinner Ideas For Every Palate

slow cooked moroccan stew served with naan bread

5 Of The Best Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

a variety of pumpkins

4 Pumpkin Recipes To Try This Halloween

Brussels sprouts coming out of a paper bag

Our Top 5 Brussels Sprouts Recipes This Winter

uk autumnal vegetables

Oddbox’s Top 5 Autumn Recipes

Rhubarb cut up on a plate on a wooden table

6 delicious ways to use rhubarb

Swede laid flat on a white table

7 Delicious Ways To Cook Swede

A foraged Christmas wreath with cinnamon sticks, pinecones, dried orange and apple slices, and cranberries.

8 Useful Tips For A Zero-Waste Festive Season

Roasted red cabbage and sprouts

6 Moreish Recipes To Make With Leftover Festive Veg

Choi sum on a white background

4 Delicious Ways To Cook Choi Sum

Sandwich on plate

Our favourite veggie sandwich filling ideas

Mini cucumbers on a plate

6 tasty ways to use cucumbers

Crockpot slow cooker with vegetables and chickpeas inside

Our Favourite Cost-Saving Slow Cooker Recipes

Parsnips cut in half

Five delicious ways to cook parsnips

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Our Favourite Summer Salads


How to store, prep, and cook kohlrabi

Bean burger in a bun topped with onions

6 vegetarian barbecue ideas

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Sunny Days With Oddbox

Caesar Salad on a plate

Put the toga down. We’re talking about Caesar salad

Bombay aloo (potatoes)

Cancel your Korma Sutra order. We’re talking about Bombay Aloo.

Aubergine dip with pita

…it stands for Better Do Some Mezze. Here’s how to make Baba Ganoush.

Rhubarb pancakes

National Vegetarian Week: Make it a meat-free, waste-free week.

Courgettes with scars

6 delicious ways to cook with courgettes

rhubarb ready to be harvested

Want To Know What To Do With Rhubarb Leaves?

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The Joys of Spring

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What to do with cauliflower leaves

Green tomatoes on the vine

10 ways you can use green tomatoes

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Pancake Day with Oddbox

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10 fruit mocktail recipes you can try this Dry January

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What Is Odd Five Ways?

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5 ways of using up your Christmas dinner leftovers

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5 ideas for your Christmas party food

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Vegan Christmas dinner ideas

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Our top recipes for preserving veggies

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A winter with Oddbox

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Our favourite low waste soup recipes

Halloween pumpkin surrounded by mini pumpkins

6 frightening Halloween treats made from fruit and veg

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Our favourite vegan recipes, in honour of World Vegan Month

Cabbage with too many logo

Cabbage – and our favourite recipes for it

Butternut squash cut into 4

7 fruits/veggies to look forward to this Autumn, and what to do with them

plate with whole and half cut apricots.

What's in season when? A guide to UK seasonal eating

4 beetroot with stalks and a knife

What to make with your beetroot leaves and stalks?

white bowl of fresh gooseberries on a wooden table

7 Delicious Ways To Eat Gooseberries

kitchen sink, on the right hand its a bucket of fresh fruit, nutribullet blender. On the left side wooden board with fresh baked bread and a bottle. Above glass jars of cooking supplies and drinking glass

What to do with those store cupboard staples?

peeled pink grapefruit slices

5 delicious ways to eat grapefruit

image of artichokes

Recipes for your artichoke leaves

two whole globe artichoke

5 delicious ways to eat globe artichokes

A bowl of radishes.

5 delicious ways to enjoy radishes

Image of apples in bowl

7 delicious recipes for apples

image of lettuce

7 delicious recipe ideas for lettuce

2 hands holding a bowl of kimchi

7 kimchi recipes to experiment with

A bowl of kiwis. 3 kiwi halves are up facing the camera.

5 delicious ways to enjoy your kiwis

Bunch of fresh kalettes getting chopped on a wooden chopping board

How to enjoy your kalettes - 4 delicious recipe ideas

Sage and apple scones

The spring guide to cooking apples

A pile of sweet potatoes with dried spaghetti, egg yolks, coriander, and 2 cloves of garlic.

8 delicious recipe ideas for sweet potatoes

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What to do with your Seville oranges

6 sweet onions with their skin and sourdough bread on the side

How to store, prep & cook your onions

Tom hunt eating chestnut roast

Tom Hunt: Chest-NUT-Roast

Sprouts in a white bowl

5 Ways To Funk Up Your Brussels Sprouts

7 whole Jerusalem Artichokes on seasoned with sea salt on a baking tray with baking sheet

6 delicious ways to cook Jerusalem Artichokes

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Tired of banana bread? 10 easy bakes for overripe fruit

Half of butternut squash

6 creative ways to enjoy butternut squash

green bell pepper with one green bell pepper turning red and oddbox logo in the back

7 Ways To Enjoy Green Peppers

a whole cauliflower

Use up your veg scraps in these soup recipes

fennel cut into 6 pieces

6 delicious ways to enjoy fennel

chopped strawberries

The beginner's guide to making jam

1 fresh beetroots with stalks and leaves

5 one-veg pasta sauces you have to try

image of carrots on chopping board

7 creative ways to enjoy carrots

Image of brussels sprouts

6 creative ways to enjoy brussel sprouts

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The best summer picnic recipes - perfect for any veg

image of cauliflower

How to store, prep, and cook Cauliflower

3 pak choi, bunch of baby potatoes with skin and 1 red onion with skin

How To Store, Prep And Cook Pak Choi

image of Oddbox male employee holding plate of baked miso aubergine & cabbage

Our recipe for leftovers & store-cupboard staples - Baked Miso Aubergine & Cabbage

image of potatoes, mushrooms, celery, tomato

How to store, prep, and cook Mushrooms

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5-ingredient recipes to help you cut food waste

Butternut squash cut into 4 pieces

How to store, prep, and cook Butternut Squash

3 strands of beetroot spaghetti laid flat on a countertop.

7 Vegetable Alternatives To Your Favourite Carbs

two plates of pasta with spring greens

How To Store, Prep & Cook Spring Greens

Buddha bowl containing lots of veg

12 Amazing Recipes For Leftover Vegetables

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12 foods to try in 2020

A bowl of spiced apple porridge.

Spiced apple porridge

A caramelised red onion tart tatin on a chopping board, with a bunch of vine tomatoes next to it.

Caramelised red onion tart tatin