What's inside a fruit booster box?

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We speak to growers.

Here’s the fun bit. Instead of giving growers a shopping list, we flip the food system and ask what’s going spare. We call this ‘grower-led eating’.

Getting in touch with growers

Fill your box.

If there’s space in our boxes, we then speak to growers from further afield. We’d rather rescue fruit from abroad than see it go to waste, but don’t worry – we have a strict no-air-miles policy.

Surprise Oddbox

Deliver a surprise selection.

So you might find a cabbage from Lincolnshire, potatoes from Suffolk and a pineapple from Costa Rica, all in the same box. Surprise!

Choose what to leave out...

Each week we’ll email you a list of all the fresh fruit and vegetables we’ve rescued.

If you’re not a fan of something or have lots left over from your last fruit and veg delivery, you can choose up to 3 exclusions. To do this simply go to your 'preferences' in your account and edit your ‘exclusions’ list.

We'll surprise you by replacing them with other freshly rescued fruit and veg.

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... and what to add in.

Piccolo tomatoes? Passion fruit? Or a punnet of juicy blueberries?

You can add extra-special, last-minute rescues to your fruit and veg delivery.

Simply log into your account and get adding.

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Happy Customers.