Our Inspiration

Our founders were inspired by a campaign that Intermarchè, a major French supermarket, launched in 2014 to promote wonky produce in a fun and smart way. This was followed by a trip to Portugal's street markets which enlightened us to some serious ugly tomatoes that tasted insanely good. A real eye opener and the catalyst for things to come…

Once back in the UK it didn’t take an awful lot of research to discover that very minimal steps had been taken to reduce food waste and bring this delicious misshapen produce to the consumers. We visited a major fresh produce supplier which highlighted the extent of the issue and expressed huge willingness to drive this movement. Alarm bells were ringing!


Our Team



Running finance and operations for a girl empowerment charity, OddBox was Emilie’s brainchild

Odd Fact: Both of Emilie’s grandparents were potato growers in the North of France

Strengths: Juggles numbers like oranges - with her eyes closed!

Weaknesses: Has a soft spot for roasted butternut squash



After several years working in investment banking, Deepak decided it was time to give something back to the community

Odd Fact: Deepak is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer

Strengths: Runs the sales, marketing and technology side of the business

Weaknesses: Goes weak at the knees for the smell of freshly steamed broccolis


With almost five years’ experience managing a fruit packhouse in Kent he sure knows his apples

Odd Fact: Gavin once fit 23 cherries in his mouth (stalks not included)

Strengths: Runs operations like a well-oiled machine

Weaknesses: Can’t handle a conference…pear of course.

Our Journey (so far...)

We launched as Tasty Misfits in 2016, starting out with just a handful of customers and packing in our local church on a Saturday morning. We’ve now built relationships with suppliers across the country, cover a much larger area of South London, and even have a warehouse! It’s safe to say we’ve gone from strength to strength.

So why the change in name? Well, there was a potential trademark issue that could have arisen with a certain confectionary giant that any sensible business would do well to avoid. A setback you say? Not a chance, this was a fantastic opportunity. After an exciting rebranding venture, we arrived at our new name…

in January 2017, OddBox was born.


Our Charity Partners

Zero waste means zero waste – we work with the following charities who collect approximately 10% of our produce


City Harvest

City Harvest collect our surplus produce and use it to feed those going hungry on the streets of London. We're proud to be working with them and contributing to such a fantastic cause. 



Brixton Community Fridge

Oddbox donates its surplus to the fabulous People's Fridge in Brixton which is the perfect platform for the local community to combat the twin challenges of food waste and food poverty.

Watch the BBC news clip where our co-founder Deepak discusses why Oddbox donates to The People's Fridge


Our Mission & Ethos

We’re a social enterprise that helps farmers earn an income from their whole crop. Much of the produce that is wasted never even leaves the farm gate because of high cosmetic expectations set by retailers. We aim to provide an outlet for the ‘imperfect’ produce and a little extra in their back pockets.

A large proportion of the wonky produce ends up getting ploughed back into the ground or used as animal feed. What a waste. By teaming up with local charities we provide for both our customers and those who really need it.

We’re also looking out for you - we want to bring perfectly good produce to our customers at a cheaper rate than conventional box schemes. By joining Oddbox you’ll have a regular, consistent delivery of healthy greens that’ll help you stay in tip-top shape.