Grower Stories

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Oranges, oranges, everywhere.

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Good golly, it’s a new type of cauli!

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The growing rate

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Parsnips by the picco-load

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Behind the Box: Three juicy apple facts

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Behind The Box: The Apple Journey

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Behind The Box: The Blueberry Journey

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Behind the Box: Blueberries

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Behind The Box: The Brassica Journey

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Behind the Box: Brassicas

tomatoes at different stages of ripeness

Too many tomatoes.

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A whole lotta shallots

John our apple grower standing in front of apple crates

Hot off the apple press.

Graphic of a newspaper called The Oddserver announcing the Do Good Report

Do Good Report - Our Grower Research

Frozen mud and parsnips freshly picked

Rescue Story: Plenty of Parsnips

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The Frost Factor

Salad leaves being processed

Rescue Story: Not your standard salad leaves

Green lilibet apples on a table

A right royal waste

Red and yellow beetroot cut open

The bizarre link between beetroot and Brexit

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Outstanding in their fields

Spring onions in a container

Rescue story: showered with spring onions

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Rescue story: brassicas

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Rescue story: turning waste into wine

grower photos

Rescue story: curvy courgettes

green wheat crop

Baffled by our colder summer weather? Our crops are too

Asparagus being picked

Rescue story: wonky asparagus

image of hailstorm apples

Rescue story: the hailstorm apples

image of red chicory

Behind-the-scenes of our fruit & veg (Jan & Feb)