7 delicious recipes for apples


Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fibre, apples are delicious eaten both raw and cooked. They come in 3 different colours; green, yellow and red. 

Image of apples in bowl


It is best to keep your apples in the fridge. They will last longer. 


Apples can be eaten and cooked with the skin on. Just wash thoroughly first. To core, cut the apple into quarters then cut the core away or, if you want to keep them whole (for whole baked apples for example), use a corer. To prevent the flesh turning brown, brush with some lemon juice, or keep in a bowl of lemony water.


  1. POACHED: Peel and place the apples in a hot syrup made from 50-50 water and sugar. Add spices of choice, such as vanilla, cinnamon, allspice or ginger powder. Simmer until the apples are just tender, then turn off the heat and let the apples cool into the syrup. 
  2. TART: Core the apples. Cut them in half or quarters, and slice them into very thin slices. Press each half slightly to fan out the slices. Roll out a puff pastry into a tart pan. In a small bowl, mix almond flour and cinnamon together. Spread the cinnamon mixture into the puff pastry. Gently slide the knife under the apple slices, lift them up and place them in the middle of the pastry. Sprinkle the apples with sugar and cinnamon. Fold the edges of the dough up over the fruits to create a border. Whisk egg yolk and milk in a small bowl and brush this egg wash onto the folded border. Bake at 180C, for about 50 minutes, or until the crust is golden.
  3. COMPOTE: Cut the apples in pieces of 1.5 cm - with the skin. Compost the seeds and core. In a small bowl add diced apples. Pour in cinnamon and stir. Set aside. Add butter (or coconut oil) into a saucepan. When melted, add brown sugar and stir till the sugar has dissolved. Add the apples and let the mixture simmer for 15 minutes, or until apples are soft. Serve with porridge, pancakes, yoghurt or on its own. 
  4. PANCAKES: Grate the apple with the skin on. Make a pancake batter from 150 g self raising flour, 1 tsp chia seeds, 1 tsp baking powder, 190 ml plant based milk, 20g porridge oats, 15 ml olive oil and 1 tbsp honey. Mix in the grated apples. Heat up 1 tsp of coconut oil in a frying pan. Spoon over the pancake batter and cook for 3 minutes on each side. Repeat until all your pancakes are cooked. 
  5. BAKED: Cut the top and bottom off of the apple and carefully core out the centre. Stuff the apple with a mixture made from chopped nuts, maple and syrup. Bake at 180C, for 20-30 minutes. Other stuffing ideas are seeds, honey, cinnamon, raisins… Do with what you have on hand. 
  6. CARAMELISED: Cut the apples in wedges. Heat up a pan with butter/vegan butter, and add the apples. Cook for about 5 minutes, until the apples are starting to brown. Then add a drizzle of maple syrup, and cook for a further 3 minutes, until the sauce is syrupy. Serve on their own, or with yoghurt, ice cream or custard. 
  7. CRUMBLE: Chop your apples in cubes, and place in a baking dish with vanilla. Mix well, then cover the apples with a crumble mixture made from butter/vegan butter, flour, ground almonds and light brown sugar. Bake until bubbly and golden. 
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