Doing good, inside & outside the box

As well as fighting food waste, we make sure doing the right thing is packed into every nook and cranny of our business.

The Oddbox way.

→ Never fly produce in

→ Prioritise local growers

→ Only add packaging if it will help cut food waste 

→ Use fully recyclable boxes

→ Deliver overnight and plan routes carefully to keep emissions low 

→ Give growers a flexible, reliable back-up market

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We’ve been a proud B Corp since 2020, making sure people and planet go hand in hand with profit.

This means everything we do is marked and scored against a strict set of independent principles.

Our current score is 93.1, and we’re up for recertification in 2023.

Watch this space.

At the end of each week, we donate any extra fruit and veg to FareShare.

They redistribute food to charities and community groups that provide nutritious meals to people who need them.

We’ve donated the equivalent of 1,967,526 meals so far – 826,361 kgs of fruit and veg!

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Our Do Good Report sets out all the wonderfully odd things we’re doing to make a difference – now, and in the future.

Read all about it!

Keep your eyes peeled…

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet:

Our trial of reusable boxes is underway

We have three electric vehicles and are aiming for a fully electric fleet by 2025

We’re moving to reusable crates to transport our fruit and veg 

We’re working hard towards reaching net zero

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In case you would like to continue reading or would like to know how we have made calculations:

  1. ‘Deliver overnight and plan routes carefully to keep emissions low’ - Based on this academic study.
  2. ‘Our current score is 93.1’ - The breakdown of this score can be found here.
  3. We’ve donated the equivalent of 1,760,281 meals so far – 739,318 tonnes of fruit and veg!’ - Each donation is tracked internally at Oddbox. 
  4. ‘In 2021, we rescued 423,432 kg of hail-scarred apples, at risk of going to waste because they were “too odd” for the supermarkets. That’s around 27 filled lorries, and a whole load of apple pies’. - Oddbox rescue stories can be found here
  5. “Without Oddbox, these apples would either be sold for juicing at a big loss to us or most likely left in the orchard to rot.”. - Oddbox rescue stories can be found here.
  6. ‘Summer 2022’s extreme weather made things tricky over at MWW Farms in Worcestershire – from marrows that grew “too big” to broccoli that just stopped growing altogether’. - Oddbox rescue stories can be found here.