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29th November - 5th December

For boxes delivered between 7pm on Wed 29th November and 7am on Wed 6th December.

6th December - 12th December

For boxes delivered between 7pm on Weds 6th December and 7am on Weds 13th December.

Fill your cupboards, and your fruit bowl

Oat milk or cereal? Sauces or sourdough? Chocolate or coffee?

As well as your fresh weekly add-ons, you can now add cupboard staples and treats to your box from The Odd Shop.

There’s a different selection each week, depending on what’s in need of rescuing. So take a look and make the most of your Oddbox.

Oddbox image
Oddbox image

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Fill your belly and make a difference to the planet by rescuing fruit & veg at risk of going to waste, including the odd curvy cucumber.

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