What is Oddbox?

Over a third of all the food we produce gets wasted before it’s even left the farm. Frankly, it’s more bonkers than we are. 

At Oddbox, we’re committed to fighting food waste one wonky veg and freaky fruit at a time. We work directly with farmers and growers to take their wonky and surplus produce then deliver them straight to your door at a price that’s fair for both you and them! 

So not only are you getting fresh, local fruit and vegetables delivered to your doorstep but you’re also helping tackle this global problem. Not bad for not even leaving the house…

Find out more about our boxes and join us in the #wonkyvegrevolution. 




WE buy ODD produce from local growers & markets at a fair price

 YOU help fight food waste and support local growers!




WE carefully curate your box with a variety of fresh produce

YOU eat a variety of seasonal food, for 30% cheaper!



WE deliver your boxes direct to your door

YOU enjoy the convenience of farm to table freshness!



WE partner with local charities to donate up to 10% of our produce

YOU help fight food poverty with food waste!

Our Boxes


Rescue surplus and wonky fruit and veg directly from the farm. A new variety of fresh, colourful fruit and vegetables delivered to your door every week.  


Rescue surplus and wonky fruit. A healthy, no-hassle way for offices to make a positive impact and stay healthy at the same time.

Our Impact

Saving the world with wonky veg doesn't seem possible but with even with a small box, you're making a big difference. So far with your help we've achieved...

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