What is Oddbox?

In the UK, 30% of fresh produce is wasted as a result of strict supermarket specifications (size, shape, colour, skin blemishes) or because they are surplus to requirements.

Born in London, Oddbox rescues the curvy courgettes, petite pears and bi-colour peppers from our local growers and delivers them straight to your door - and because it’s not ‘perfect’ you get it 30% cheaper!

Join us in the fight against food waste. Go on, be a hero.



WE buy ODD produce from local growers & markets at a fair price

 YOU help fight food waste and support local growers!




WE carefully curate your box with a variety of fresh produce

YOU eat a variety of seasonal food, for 30% cheaper!



WE deliver your boxes direct to your door

YOU enjoy the convenience of farm to table freshness!



WE partner with local charities to donate up to 10% of our produce

YOU help fight food poverty with food waste!

Our Boxes


Oddbox - Wonky veg box

South Londoners – get your fruit & veg boxes here. If you’re outside our delivery area, hold steady, we’re continually expanding.


Oddbox - Wonky fruit box

Calling all London offices, workspaces and health centres – get your fruit boxes here.

Our Impact

We are thankful to our customer community who have helped us have the following impact with their everyday action of buying an Oddbox.


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