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14 potatoes on a table

11 common questions about fruit and veg, answered!

11 peeled cloves of garlic on a countertop. There's a pile of peels above them.

How to store, prep, and cook Garlic

image of bumble bee

10 inspiring green initiatives from around the world


Fermentation 101: Turn your fruit scraps into these delicious drinks

bunch of grapes

How to store, prep, and cook Grapes

A lunch setup outside. There's tomatoes, cucumbers, naan, soft cheese, and walnuts.

The best low-waste packed lunch ideas

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LOOKBOOK: our favourite photos from you this June

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The best summer picnic recipes - perfect for any veg

4 beetroots on a chopping board. Their stems have been separated, and are next to the board with their leaves attached.

How to store, prep, and cook Beetroot

pineapple top

10 unusual ways to use your fruit & veg scraps

A wreath made up of various herbs.

The 'Green' Dictionary of Sustainability

image of cauliflower

How to store, prep, and cook Cauliflower

A grater hanging in front of 3 shelves full of jarred spices and other dried goods.

How to have a low-waste home

image of painted wood

Your beginner's guide to upcycling

one pot chilli on a pan

Freezing Tips 102: Make freezer-friendly dishes, every time!

3 pak choi, bunch of baby potatoes with skin and 1 red onion with skin

How to store, prep, and cook Pak Choi

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The history behind our 'perfect' fruit & veg

four odd red bell peppers

How to revive your old fruit & veg

Tomatoes on a chopping board. There are two whole ones, one cut into two halves, and a pile of chopped tomatoes.

How to store, prep, and cook Tomatoes

image of Oddbox male employee holding plate of baked miso aubergine & cabbage

Our recipe for leftovers & store-cupboard staples - Baked Miso Aubergine & Cabbage

image of potatoes, mushrooms, celery, tomato

How to store, prep, and cook Mushrooms

A pile of 9 potatoes on a countertop, surrounded by basil, eggs, parmesan cheese, pasta flour, and ricotta.

How to store, prep, and cook Potatoes

13 different sizes white potatoes

8 food waste facts that might just surprise you...