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Introducing One Odd Thing

samphire on a wooden table

How To Prep, Store And Cook Samphire

asparagus being grown without the use of GMO

What Is GMO?

sweetcorn in it's husk on a white plate, laid on a wooden table

How To Cook Sweetcorn

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Rain again and again.

rainbow chard leaves on a wooden surface

8 Delicious Ways To Use Chard

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One paste. Three courses. A deliciously odd night in.

cavolo nero leaves on a wooden table

6 Delicious Ways To Cook Cavolo Nero

vegetarian sushi bowl on a dark wooden table with chopsticks on the right hand side

5 of our favourite veggie sushi recipes

balti paste used to make vegetable bhajis served with a yoghurt baltic dip on a white plate

5 clever ways to use your Balti Paste 

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The easy-squeezy way to fight food waste.

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Save Our Strawbs.

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Juicy tips for strawberry season.

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Rescue story: nibbled pak choi

tomatoes at different stages of ripeness

Too many tomatoes.

lots of colourful plastic waste

The complicated truth about plastic

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A whole lotta shallots

Rhubarb cut up on a plate on a wooden table

6 delicious ways to use rhubarb

Windturbines in a field

Everything, Everywhere, All at once

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Roll up, roll up. The Odd Shop is open.

John our apple grower standing in front of apple crates

Hot off the apple press.

Graphic of a newspaper called The Oddserver announcing the Do Good Report

Do Good Report - Our Grower Research

Swede laid flat on a white table

7 Delicious Ways To Cook Swede

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It's Not All About Looks