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Veggie Packed Minestrone Soup

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Hearty Fennel and Lentil Stew

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Spring Greens Wonton Soup with Chilli Oil

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Celeriac and Apple Soup with Kale and Hazelnut 

beetroot soup in oddbox bowl

Roasted Beetroot Soup with Wilted beetroot leaves and Creme Fraiche

stew in oddbox bowl

Curried Butternut Squash, Pak Choi, Onion and Coconut Stew

Soup in Oddbox bowl

Onion and Squash Soup with Roasted Baby Potatoes

wonton soup in Oddbox bowl

Celery Dumpling Soup with Sesame Chilli Oil

Roasted bell paper gazpacho served in bowl, garnished with basil

Roasted Bell Pepper Gazpacho

image of green beans harissa soup

Green Beans Harissa Soup

image of creamy tomato vegan soup

Creamy Vegan Tomato Soup w/ Crunchy Leftover Croutons

served wonton soup in a bowl

Celery & Wonton Soup

two dishes of old fashioned french onion soup topped with 2 slices cheese on toast

Old-Fashioned French Onion Soup

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Cauliflower, Apple and Parsnip Soup

A bowl of creamy parsley root soup. Served with bread.

Creamy Parsley Root Soup