served curried coconut butter cauliflower with white rice on a plate

Curried Coconut Butter Cauliflower

Roasted squash and aubergine pizza with caramelised onions on a baking tray

Roasted Squash and Aubergine Pizza with Caramelised Onions

3 Stuffed aubergine boats on aplate

Stuffed Aubergine Boats

A plate of mushroom, cabbage, and potato potstickers with a bowl of dipping sauce.

Mushroom, Cabbage and Potato Potstickers

image of served ravioli

Our best recipe for Potatoes - Potato, Ricotta & Mint Ravioli

served up Brussels sprouts and caesar salad on a bowl

Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad

served kale noodle broth with egg and black sesame seeds

Kale Noodle Broth

2 slices of bread with strawberry jam on a plate garnished with whole strawberry all over

Chia Seeds Strawberry Jam

potato cakes served with shallot sauce

Potato cakes

creamy carrot pasta served in bowl with parsley

Creamy Carrot Miso Pasta

sliced balsamic pizza

Balsamic Onion Pizza

poached apple served with nuts and seed in a bowl

Poached Apples With Salted Toasted Nuts

Sweetcorn and courgette chowder served on a bowl

Sweetcorn And Courgette Chowder

served cavolo nero risotto

Cavolo Nero Risotto

Oddbox image

Tomato And Kale Panzanella Salad

sticky toffee and pomegranate pudding served on a plate

Sticky Toffee And Pomegranate Pudding

Stack of butternut and turmeric pancakes served on a plate

Squash and Turmeric Pancakes

served roasted tomato sauce spaghetti on a plate and roasted tomato sauce on jar next to the plate

Roasted Tomato Pasta Sauce

potato gratin served on plate

Creamy Rosemary Potato Gratin

maple vanilla roasted plums served in a bowl

Maple Vanilla Roasted Plums

Beetroot focaccia bread on a baking tray

Beetroot Focaccia

Roasted bell paper gazpacho served in bowl, garnished with basil

Roasted Bell Pepper Gazpacho

baked caramelised onion pasta bake served on a bowl

One Pot Caramelised Onion Pasta Bake

served passionfruit french toast served home made cream and drizzled with passion fruit puree

Passion Fruit French Toasts