How to become a more conscious consumer: from one day to one year

Want to make more planet-friendly choices this year but don’t know where to start? It can be overwhelming knowing where to start so we’ve broken it down into small actions you can complete throughout the year ahead. Just pick one thing from each category, rather than trying to do them all in one go. Small actions taken everyday can lead to big, meaningful and really positive changes overall. Let us know how you get along on our social channels.



  • Batch-cook one meal ahead of the week, then freeze or refrigerate it in clearly labelled portions so you’re less likely to reach for the nearest plastic-wrapped ready-meal or takeaway. Here’s our freezer meal guide.
  • Pledge to buy one less takeaway coffee this week, and reduce the amount of plastic you send to landfill.
  • Cycle instead of drive, and get exercise in for an all-in-one way to commute without the gas-guzzling.  



  • Sort through the forgotten condiments, half-finished curry pastes and pestos, pickles and sauces in your fridge door and use them up in creative ways. Here’s a guide.
  • Sign up to volunteer at your local food bank or charity that redirects edible food to those who need it. Here are some of the organisations doing it in your area.
  • Scout out your local refill shop for shampoos and soaps, and basic storecupboard staples: stock up for the month ahead and cut a load of plastic from your shop.


  • Quit fast fashion. Could you go a whole year without buying anything new for your wardrobe? It’s more possible than you might think! Every year, global emissions from textile production are equivalent to 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2, a figure that far outweighs the carbon footprint of flying. Make a pledge to reorganise your wardrobe and find the loved outfits you forgot about, shop at vintage stores and borrow or lend clothes instead of buying new. 
  • Pledge to only buy second-hand electronics. 45 million tonnes of computers, televisions, mobile phones and other electronic goods are thrown away every year. The good news is it’s now possible to buy good quality second-hand electronics. Reboxed is one example we love.
  • Invest in an ODDBOX and cut food waste from farm to fork, all while celebrating more delicious vegetables. Find out more here.