New look, same mission, more good.

We’ve always believed that business can be, and should be, a force for good. In starting Oddbox we wanted to make a measurable and concrete impact in the world. Something that could really help tackle the climate crisis. We didn’t know much about fruit and veg, but we knew it was wrong that one third of perfectly tasty fruit and veg is thrown away every year, making food waste the X biggest contributor to carbon emissions globally. To us, starting Oddbox didn’t just seem like good business sense, it seemed like common sense.   

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From the start, we’ve tried to do the right thing, though it’s not always been easy to balance social good with financial sustainability. So, over the years, we’ve had to challenge ourselves to do things a little differently, even if on the surface it seems a little odd. Brussel sprouts in February? Okay then. Overnight deliveries to keep emissions down? Well, why not? Sometimes in business, not just in veg, we’ve come to realise odd can be good.  

You’ll notice we’ve updated the way our box and website look. Like us, it's straightforward in the most part, but a little wonky and unusual around the edges. How things look isn’t that important to us (the same goes for logos as it does for carrots). What matters to us is how, together as a community, we are fighting food waste and changing the food system one box at a time. We want to help you experience the joy of eating what’s grown, not what’s on the shelf. We want to help our growers focus on their harvest, not the quirks of a broken food system. We want to make it easy for you to see the impact you’re having in the process, not using complicated calculations for which you need a degree in sustainability to understand. And last but not least, we want to build Oddbox into a company you can be proud of, even if it is a little odd. And so along with a new logo, we’ve been working on some improvements to your experience, and how we can make Oddbox even better.  

Below you’ll find a summary of the changes we’re looking to introduce. For some of these, we’ve got a water-tight plan, for others, we still need a few Zoom calls before we figure out all the detail. So let us know what you think. And, for those of you out there who want to be even more involved, we’re starting a little group of advisors to help steer the company in the right direction. We’re thinking we’ll call it The Bunch! So if this sounds fun to you, go to We’ll get back to you once we’ve ironed out the details. 

As always, in fruit and veg, 

Emilie and Deepak

Oddbox Fruit and Vegetable box