5 clever ways to use your Balti Paste 

balti paste used to make vegetable bhajis served with a yoghurt baltic dip on a white plate

We’ve been busy in the kitchen whizzing up a brand new Balti curry paste to help save surplus tomatoes and onions that were at risk of going to waste (read the rescue story here). 

You may think curry paste is only for curries –but think again! We’ve been squeezing our creative juices (literally) to help spice up your dishes. Add some heat to the kitchen and try one – or five– ways to add a curry paste to tonight’s dinner.

1. Marinade made easy

You may associate a marinate mostly with meat, but pretty much any vegetables can be enhanced with a hearty marinade. Unlike meat, it’s best to marinate your veg after cooking. Whether you want to char, roast or barbecue, the choice is up to you. But make sure you smother them in your Balti paste once cooked so they can absorb all those tomatoey, spicy flavours.

2. Cook up a curry sauce

Ideal for dipping chips into – or your Oddbox roast veg – a quick curry sauce is a winner. It’s super simple too. Add some oil to your frying pan, then add the paste and cook down for a few minutes. Once that’s done, slowly start adding vegetable stock until you get your perfect sauce consistency. If you want it lovely and creamy, add a scoop or cream, or vegan alternative. Then get dipping.

3. Spice up your salad 

Add a little heat to your summer salads with a Balti spiced  salad dressing. This one couldn’t be easier to whip up. Simply combine 1 tbsp of mayonnaise or vegan mayo, with 1 tbsp of curry paste and mix. Then drizzle abundantly. If you prefer a slightly thinner consistency, add a drop of water or oil.

4. Get dipping

A winning pairing with bhajis or samosas, this little side dip will go down a treat. We’ve perfected the seasoning, so all you have to do is mix. Mix 1 tbsp of Balti Curry paste with 5 tbsp of your yoghurt of choice alongside some chopped up mint leaves. Stir and serve - its that simple.

5. Speedy noodle broth

We love a quick dinner and this one’s a 15 minute winner with the help of a Balti curry paste. Fry your onions and garlic, then add in the Balti cooking paste. Let that simmer together for another 5 minutes for all  the delicious flavours to be absorbed. Next add 160ml of coconut milk and 950ml of vegetable stock and cook on a low-medium heat. You’ll finish up with a creamy bowl of spicy broth perfect to add noodles and your veg of choice to.

Have we tempted you to add some spice to your dishes? Pop over to your account  where you can add Balti paste and more to your next box  – dinner’s ready in a squeeze.