Oddbox's first Wonky Supper Club !

This event took place on the 12th of July 2017. To give you a glimpse into how our wonderful day went...

Our Supper clubbers were welcomed with a glass of Aperol and some delicious mini cherry clafoutis that they enjoyed in Brendan's beer garden.

We then headed upstairs where we had a big table set up for all of us perfect for some great conversation around food waste amongst a lot of other subjects.

Pippa had prepared us a sumptuous meal with a starter of Spicy Gazpacho / Beetroot Salad  / Kale crisps and Parmesan crisps.
The main course was a Hot & Sour Butternut Squash Curry accompanied with 3 different side dishes of Mixed Grains / Sweet and Spicy Aubergine / Thai Cucumber Salad.

And then came the amazing cake that Desirakbento made specially for us in the shape of .....
a huge Oddox filled with wonky fruits and veg!!!!

We had a selection of white and red wine and some free samples of Dash water in cucumber and lemon flavours to go along with the delicious food.
And our supper clubbers left with a goddie bag of Doisy & Damm chocolates.

You will enjoy a 3 course treat including a vegetarian dinner made from seasonal produce by Pippa, Oddbox customer plus founder of catering company - Escape the Onion and a delightful wonky cake treat made by Oddbox customer and food blogger - Dosirakbento.


The Menu:


Spicy Gazpacho / Beetroot Salad  / Kale crisps (vegan option) or Parmesan crisps

Hot Sour Butternut Squash Curry
Mixed Grains (Quinoa/ Bulgar wheat) / Sweet and Spicy Aubergine / Thai Cucumber Salad
Special wonky-shaped chocolate cake



The Who?

Who will you meet at this event ?

The Oddbox team, other members of the Oddbox community - their friends and family, anyone wanting to join the Oddbox community, Food bloggers - Escape the Onion and Dosirakbento. 

Please feel free to invite your friends or family to join you for this event.