As you know, we are working with more growers and trying to rescue more and more produce so we can make a small dent into the humongous food waste issue.

Over the past 4 months, we’ve added 5 new suppliers to our list of fruit and vegetable oddballs, rescued 150 tonnes of food waste till date and donated 12 tonnes of fresh produce providing 90,000 nutritious meals to people in need, and all of it has been down to your unwavering support, which we’re so grateful for!
Since launching over two years ago, there’s been a lot of changes within the industry and more generally across the whole economy. We have seen our costs slowly go up with a 4% further increase in the minimum wage this month (which we fully support!) along with increases in our packaging costs and the business rates for our warehouse.
Overall some our costs have gone up over 7% which we partially managed to offset by process efficiencies.
Sadly the reality is that we’re still a small business and although we’ve held for as long as we can, these changes are making a big impact. With all of this in mind and reluctantly, we’re having to make a small increase to our prices. This will work out as 40p-80p increase starting from May 7th.
This will be the first price increase since our launch exactly 2 years ago and taking these changes into consideration, we hope that this will be deemed fair by you. We’re 100% committed to our fight against food waste whilst bringing you the most delicious wonky and surplus vegetables out there. Our prices are still substantially below other similar veg boxes on the market - with a much higher impact for the environment - and we still present a commercial offering that is unique for growers, helping them get a fair price for their produce. We hope that you understand and as always, are more than willing to listen to any feedback!

Emilie & Deepak