The Odd Shop is Open

Expanding our food-waste-fighting mission,
to oat milk and beyond.

What’s in The Odd Shop?

From packs with a short-shelf life to cartons with misprinted labels, and even surplus ‘seasonal’ editions and leftover promotions, everything on the shelves helps to fight food waste. “Too many”, “too odd”, “too festive”? Not for us.

  • Different products each week, depending on what’s at risk of going to waste
  • Pantry staples, snacks, treats and tins – plus non-foodie things, like cleaning products
  • Ingredients to help you make the most of your rescued fruit and veg
  • Lower prices than you’d see in the supermarket
  • Brands we think you’ll like, including fellow food-waste fighters
  • Look out for the odd freebie too
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How it works

Already part of our community? You can browse The Odd Shop each week before your cut-off time. If you don’t have an Oddbox subscription, you’ll need to pick a fruit and veg box first and you can get 50% off your first box using code "ODDSHOP"*.

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Keep your eyes peeled.

We’ll email you each week with a reminder to log into your account to choose your fresh add-ons and shop The Odd Shop.

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Take your pick.

Oat milk or cereal? Sauces or sourdough? Coffee or chocolate? You can add as much to your order as you like – including the occasional freebie.

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Wake up to rescued products.

Everything from The Odd Shop will arrive in a separate bag or box, overnight and alongside your fruit and veg. So nothing will get squished.

Why does food waste matter?

Food waste is a huge issue, and not just when it comes to fruit and veg.

Around 40% of all food produced globally goes to waste, with around 1.5 million tonnes wasted in the UK at the manufacturing stage (that’s before it even reaches the shops).

Our mission might have started with rescued fruit and veg. But we now want to make an even bigger impact, helping you get more from your Oddbox at the same time.

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Recent Rescue Stories

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"We absolutely did not want to create that kind of unnecessary waste, so it's fantastic to be able to partner with The Odd Shop to offer you the chance to rescue these products at a fantastic price."
- Homethings

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"In order to make room for new coffees and make the most of last seasons crop, it was fantastic to partner with Oddbox for our ‘Rescue Blend’, to ensure every coffee finds a happy home!"
- Caravan Coffee

Ready to rescue?

Join the mission today and get 50% off your first box
with code 'ODDSHOP'.

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Any questions?

Just like our weekly missions to rescue fruit and veg, we only know what’s at risk of going to waste when we speak to other companies each week.

In some cases, we’ll rescue enough that the same products can be stocked for a few weeks in a row. But for others, a small batch or short shelf life will mean they’re only around for a limited time.

It’s not just fruit and veg that can be at risk of going to waste for being “too odd” or “too many”. In fact, 1.5 million tonnes of food are lost at the manufacturing stage in the UK each year – from products with a short-shelf life to packs with misprinted labels, and even surplus ‘seasonal’ editions.

By rescuing these products, we’re helping to make sure less food goes uneaten. And giving our partner brands another outlet for items that can’t be sold by retailers.

You need to have an Oddbox subscription first, as you can only order things from The Odd Shop to be delivered at the same time as your fruit and veg.

There's a £1.49 minimum spend and at the moment, The Odd Shop is only available in certain postcodes – see our terms and conditions for more info.

Everything you order from The Odd Shop will come in a separate bag or box. So you can order as much as you like without having to worry about your regular rescues getting squished.

*The Odd Shop is only available in certain postcodes at the moment. The discount code "ODDSHOP" is only valid on first box order and excludes the Fruit Booster box and XSFV box. Check out our Ts&Cs for more info.