Five Reasons Why Londoners Love ODDBOX


An Easy Way to Buy Local & Seasonal Veg (Charlotte- June 2019 via TrustPilot)

I’ve wanted to be better at buying fruit and veg that is in season / low air miles for a long time. Thanks to help from ODDBOX, I’m now achieving it! I’ve had 3 small fruit and veg boxes so far and the deliveries have all been on time. Plus, if you leave your old empty box out, ODDBOX will collect and reuse it. Brilliant! I’ve enjoyed getting more creative in the kitchen thanks to the variety in the box and the portion sizes are just right, resulting in less food waste too.


Getting The Whole Family Involved With Cooking! (Christiana - June 2019 via TrustPilot)
I'm 3 weeks into getting the ODDBOX and our whole family love it! Its exciting for the kids to see what we get every week and is helping them to be excited about trying new veg and it's great for me to have someone choose my veg for the week! The produce is great quality and the large box is very generous. The best veg box we've ever had. Thanks ODDBOX for helping to make a difference in our environment and I'm glad we can be a tiny part of that


Reducing Food Waste and Eating Healthier At The Same Time! (Naomi - June 2019 via TrustPilot)

ODDBOX is such a great way of getting more fruit and veg into your diet, and of trying new varieties that you maybe wouldn’t have bought. And you can feel very smug about supporting locally grown produce, as well as reducing waste! I love getting my box delivered and planning recipes for all the lovely items.


Learning about where your veg comes from! (Gile - June 2019 via TrustPilot)

Really good quality veg, no plastic, arrives overnight. It's exciting! They always include a bit of paper with all the details about why the veg (and fruit) was rescued - many things are surplus, some are slightly wonky or funny sizes and shapes but all tip top quality and freshness. It's a brilliant thing!


Helping us to eat more and different fruit and veg (Christine - May 2019 via TrustPilot)

We've had three Oddboxes so far and are really happy with the quantity, quality and variety. We are two adults and a toddler and get the medium fruit and veg box. We're definitely eating more veg as a result, and I'm enjoying the challenge of using what we get. You find out almost a week in advance what will be delivered, so you can plan meals.