How to become more sustainable by changing the way you eat

Reduce food waste at farm level!
Do your bit for the planet by rescuing delicious fruit and veg direct from the farm from going to waste with ODDBOX. 30% of food is wasted - resulting in wasted water and CO2 emissions. Fresh and delicious fruit and veg are rejected because they’re surplus or don’t meet strict supermarket standards. By subscribing to ODDBOX you can help make a positive impact week on week, and get a new variety of exciting fruit and veg delivered to your door!

Bring your lunch to work!
Preparing your lunch ahead of time means that you use up what you have in the fridge reducing food waste in your home. It also avoids single-use plastic packaging, and is often healthier, cheaper and more delicious!

Use apps like Olio and Too Good To Go
There is so much amazing technology around that helps us share surplus food with our communities! Olio is a great app that lets you post items that you don’t want anymore - and other users in your area can come collect it from you. Too Good To go is a similar service that allows restaurants to sell end-of-day food for cheaper, so that you can get Sushi or Bakery Goods for cheaper, and no food goes to the waste bin!

Take more time for food
Time for cooking and eating often comes to short in a busy world like ours. Taking the time to look into your fridge to see what needs using, cooking from scratch using fresh vegetables, and sitting down to eat rather than having it on-the-go makes us more mindful of what we consume, therefore helping our planet in the long run!

Share the love!
Cooking together and for others is a great way to reduce the amount of food needed, as it allows you to cook in bulk but not get bored by having chilli five nights in a row! Have a bunch of bananas that are slowly turning brown? Why not make a quick banana bread and bring it into work… you get the gist!