Who is ODDBOX?

Over a third of all the food we produce gets wasted before it’s even left the farm. If food waste was a country, it’d be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases.

ODDBOX is London’s first and only sustainable fruit & veg subscription box that fights food waste with every box.

We work closely with farmers across the UK (& from abroad), rescuing fresh, seasonal surplus fruit & veg which are at risk of becoming food waste. With every box Londoners reduce food waste, save CO2 and water. Learn more about the environmental impact of food waste here.

We’re London’s Highest Rated Veg Box (9.8/10) and deliver our seasonal fruit & veg boxes to more than 10 000 mindful homes in London.



Reducing food waste at farm level

We rescue fresh, seasonal surplus fruit & veg directly from farms, and deliver a new variety of farm-fresh veg to homes & offices across London every week.



Reduce plastic waste

We deliver our fruit & veg in cardboard boxes that can be reused & recycled at the end of their lives.


Free overnight delivery

We deliver overnight to minimise emissions. You wake up to farm-fresh fruit & veg on your doorstep.


Fighting food poverty

Up to 10% of our rescued produce is donated to charities such as City Harvest, fighting food poverty in London.

Our Boxes


Rescue surplus and wonky fruit and veg directly from the farm. A new variety of fresh, colourful fruit and vegetables delivered to your door every week.  


Rescue surplus and wonky fruit. A healthy, no-hassle way for offices to make a positive impact and stay healthy at the same time.

Our Impact

Every box makes a difference. So far with your help we've achieved...

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