Sort your Christmas Veg with a Magical Roasties ODDBOX

We're sure by now you've started planning where you'll be spending the Christmas days this year. If you're the (un)lucky host this year (or are visiting friends & family and want to contribute to dinner), we've got just the thing for you:

ODDBOX presents the first ever one-off Magical Roasties Box, packed with lovely, rescued vegetables perfect for the Christmas Roast Dinner.

Magical Roasties (1).png

Here’s what you’ll find in each box:

- Rainbow carrots

- Parsnips

- Potatoes

- Brussel Sprouts

- Red Cabbage

- Kale

The Magical Roasties box will be perfect for around 8 people.It will be delivered to you the last week before Christmas on your regular delivery day.

There is only a very limited amount of boxes available so make sure to get in there quickly! Email us at for more info!

Oddbox Team