How to turn your leftover vegetables... into 12 new dishes

We’ve all whipped up a big lunch and dinner before, only to find ourselves left with lots of different vegetables in varying quantities. Post-Easter weekend or even post-Sunday roast in particular are the biggest culprits for miscellaneous bits of veg, and whilst it would be easy to eat them just by themselves or a side-dish, there are endless different ways to turn the into a whole new meal. In fact, we’ve got twelve ways you can transform those leftover just below!

The below ideas can use up any kind of vegetables, whether fried, mashed, or boiled. However, to make this leftover cheat-sheet even easier to use, we’ve gone through the main ingredients you’ll need other than your veg, what kind of veg they’re best for, and a recipe that we absolutely love (which you can also use as a cooking guideline).

Buddha bowl containing lots of veg

1. FRITTATAS - Turn your leftover veg into a hearty, eggy dish that’s perfect for a big breakfast or lunch

Your main ingredients (other than leftover veg!): Eggs, cheese

Best for: Boiled & fried veg (greens like chard, broccoli, spring onions work great)

A recipe we love: This cheesy broccoli & red pepper frittata

2. BUDDHA BOWL - Re-create your favourite cafe-brunch in the comfort of your own home

Your main ingredients: Rice, salad dressing, herbs

Best for: Roasted & fried veg (e.g. root vegetables cut up small)

A recipe we love: Your 101 build-your-own Buddha bowl

3. BUBBLE & SQUEAK/HASH - This British classic makes the most of your spuds & root veg, and is a delicious combination of crunchy and soft textures

Your main ingredients: Egg & a little bit of flour

Best for: Mashed & boiled veg (Root veg and cabbage are delicious)

A recipe we love: Your everything-works bubble & squeak

4. SCUNGE/RISOTTO - A recipe that impresses… without all the fuss

Your main ingredients: Rice, dried spices & herbs

Best for: Boiled & fried veg (e.g. red peppers & green veg cut up small)

A recipe we love: Our own deliciously versatile recipe from Issie.

5. QUESADILLA - These oozing cheesy parcels of veggies are great for sharing (or not - we won’t judge)

Your main ingredients: Tortilla wraps & cheese

Best for: Roasted, fried, boiled veg

A recipe we love: This simple Tex-Mex style quesadilla

6. LASAGNE/PASTA BAKE - The classic dinner that everyone loves - except make it low-waste!

Your main ingredients: Lasagne sheets/pasta

Best for: Roasted, fried, boiled veg

A recipe we love: A non-fuss way to pack your 5-a-day

7. VEGETABLE PIE - Save lots of time by using store-bought puff pastry, or for an even crunchier result, go for filo instead

Your main ingredients: Pie pastry (filo or puff), stock

Best for: Roasted & boiled veg

A recipe we love: This colourful roasted veg & halloumi filo pie

8. FRIED RICE - This Chinese cuisine staple is beloved by many, and you can make it in just under 15 minutes.

Your main ingredients: Rice, soy sauce, sesame oil

Best for: Fried & boiled veg

A recipe we love: Our very own authentic recipe from Louise

9. PIZZA - You can’t go wrong with pizza, and the whole family can customise it however they like (fussy-eaters welcome!)

Your main ingredients: Flour

Best for: Roasted, fried, boiled veg

A recipe we love: This yeast-free pizza with 2 simple sauce bases

10. BURRITOS - A hearty, filling bundle of all veggies and rice.

Your main ingredients: Tortilla wraps, beans, rice

Best for: Roasted veg

A recipe we love: Healthy (& vegan) burrito heaven

11. SOUP - Your blender is your best friend here - that, and some crusty bread to go on the side.

Your main ingredients: Stock

Best for: Boiled, roasted veg

A recipe we love: This creamy slow-cooked celery & celeriac soup

12. STIR-FRY NOODLES - Miss your local Chinese takeaway? Why not try your hand at your favourite stir-fry at home instead?

Your main ingredients: Dried noodles, soy sauce, oyster sauce

Best for: Fried & boiled veg

A recipe we love: Authentic stir-fried noodles has never been this easy!

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