Five ways to reduce waste in the kitchen

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and don't often know where to start when it comes to making a change?

You are most definitely not alone - we feel the same way here at ODDBOX. We are constantly learning new things and life is busy at times, making it hard to consistently stick to an eco-routine. So, we thought we'd share some easy swaps to help you with this. From plastic to food, here are our top five go-to tips to reduce waste in the kitchen:

Tea towels and napkins

Swapping kitchen roll and paper napkins for linen ones and tea towels is an easy way to swap disposable for reusable - not only they look good, these will last you forever.

Reusable wraps

Wax wraps are an amazing cling film substitute. These are biodegradable, cost effective as well as being far snazzier than any cling film. You can find some here or embark on a DIY project and make your own.

Reusable kitchen towels

Sponges and brushes

Our kitchens can be both clean and green! Choosing products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, or plant-based can be a tricky task, but our friends at Wearth London cover everything from storage to cleaning products. Swap disposable ugly sponges for bamboo brushes and compost them once they have expired their life-span.


It is estimated that over 30% of food produced is wasted globally every year. Composting food is a great way to prevent it from going to landfill. It is true that this can be challenging to do in London flats, but there are a few solutions - we often freeze our food scraps until the collection day from council to keep things tidy and fly-free.

Plan ahead and freeze

Freezing food is one of the simplest ways to reduce food waste. We all have those times when we have bought a bit too much, a little too late - if you have too much fruit and veg in your fridge and you are going away, or you don’t think you will be able to eat it all before it goes off - don’t panic that is what freezers are there for! Berries? Put them straight into the freezer and use them for smoothies or on top of your porridge. Butternut squash? Peel it, cut it up and freeze - you can then add it to a delicious risotto or curry the following week.


What small changes are you planning on introducing in September? Let’s chat!

Oddbox Team