Five reasons why it’s time to rejoin



1. Experiment with variety

We sure love British summer weather - long days, warm nights, bright & colourful boxes. Summer is great, not doubt of that, but the variety of fruit & vegetables that come with it is even better.

The list is endless. All sorts of berries, peppers, cucumbers, mangoes, mushrooms, rainbow chard, apricots, choy sum... you name it!

Perk up your routine. Bring excitement to your kitchen. Let your weekly fruit & veg rescues have you thinking outside the box.

2. Eat with purpose

Even though we do love the hustle and bustle of the city, it is true we often find ourselves too busy to connect with our food - and our planet. And that is exactly where ODDBOX comes in. Not just a subscription box, but a weekly step in your sustainability journey. 

Unwind after a busy day, rediscover where your food comes from, rethink your dishes through seasonal ingredients and do your bit for the planet by rescuing surplus fruit & veg that would have otherwise gone to landfill. 

3. Flexible subscription

Our subscription has never been as flexible. Pause when you need, skip boxes in advance, tailor your preferences to receive only your favourite fruit & veg, to ensure no food is wasted.

4. Offset your environmental impact

Earlier this year, the UK parliament declared climate change emergency.

The Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations estimated that food waste accounts for 8% of all annual greenhouse gases emissions. It has never been more urgent to take action, and it has never been this easy.

With every medium ODDBOX you save an average of 7 kgs of veg from going to waste, 14 kg of CO2 emissions (the equivalent of 35 miles driven in a car) and 1,722 litres of water (the equivalent to 12 showers). Add a box to your basket and start saving the planet one box at the time.

5. Enjoy 50% off your next box

Just use 2019SUMMER at checkout. We cannot wait start rescuing with you again.

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